Season 0Edit

This season was originally Season 1 but due to the fact that it was more of a dry-run season, the moderators have decided to re-package it as Season 0 which would mean that the 24 tributes will be recognized for their achievements, but would be allowed to play once again.

Major TwistsEdit

1.) Map - The tributes were each given a map of the arena which they would use to tell the mods their destination.

2.) Heat Wave - On Day 2 the tributes were surprised by an incredibly hot heat wave to a point where tributes would die if they did not consume enough water.

3.) Mind Controlling Fog - On night 2, the tributes were startled with mind controlling fog that trapped their tributes in a hallucination. The tributes were then scattered across the arena.

4.) Force Field - When the tributes awoke from the Mind Controlling Fog, they were shocked to find a giant force field between lines 5 and 6 on the map. Each of the 8 remaining tributes were put on all for corners of the arena (since the arena was divided into 2). The force field was then removed when 2 tributes from both sides died.

5.) Taundra - On Day 4, the tributes were startled when they found out that the arena turned into a winter wonderland overnight. The tributes would end up dying of hypothermia if they failed to build fire.

6.) The Feast - On Day 4. The game makers announced that there would be 2 feasts on each side of the arena.

7.) Avalanche - The tributes were startled with a large lethal avalanche on Day 5.

8.) Volcanic Eruption - On Day 6, it was announced that the mountain on the map was actually a volcano and that it would erupt within 2 days. The only safe zone from this volcanic eruption would be in the cornocopia.


District 1 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Taylor Macholze
Tribute 2 Eddie Thomas
1457016 549694558446926 627706951 a

District 2 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Charlie Neilson
Tribute 2 Arianna Reales
Arianna reales
District 3 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Jake Riederich
Tribute 2 Blake Bougerolle
District 4 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Monkey
Monkey (8)
Tribute 2 Szymon Sucharski
District 5 Name Picture
Tribute 1 John Peter Ungco
Tribute 2 Mark Olasiman

Mark Olasiman

District 6 Name Picture
Tribute 1 John Arvin Dollosa
John arvin
Tribute 2 Lucas Toft
Mick Tesso
District 7 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Joan Trives
Joan Trives
Tribute 2 Micah Thomas
Micah thomas
District 8 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Celine Vega
Tribute 2 Katherine Abarea
District 9 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Enrique Craft
Enrique craft
Tribute 2 Zombie
District 10 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Samuel Hall
Lagunes Nightlock Kryptonite
Tribute 2 Jennifer Naya
Jennifer naya
District 11 Name Picture
Tribute 1 CJ Komikura
Cj komikura
Tribute 2 Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson
District 12 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Rick Lowell
Tribute 2 Erikson Montgomery
Erikson montgomery


Placement District Tribute Killed By
24th 6 Lucas Toft Szymon Sucharski
23rd 8 Celine Vega Joan Trives
22nd 2 Arianna Reales JP Ungco
21st 12 Erikson Montgomery Blake Bougerolle
20th 7 Micah Thomas Samuel Hall
19th 9 Zombie John Arvin Dollosa
18th 11 Randy Johnson Monkey
17th 1 Eddie Thomas Katherine Abarea
16th 2 Charlie Neilson Samuel Hall
15th 3 Jake Riederich Samuel Hall
14th 5 Mark Olasiman Samuel Hall
13th 8 Katherine Abarea Szymon Sucharski
12th 10 Jennifer Naya Monkey
11th 9 Enrique Craft Szymon Sucharski
10th 12 Rick Lowell JP Ungco
9th 11 CJ Komikura Game Made Disaster 
8th 1 Taylor Machholz Natural Elements
7th 10 Samuel Hall Natural Elements
6th 3 Blake Bougerolle Szymon Sucharski
5th 5 John Peter Ungco Game Made Disaster
4th 4 Szymon Sucharski John Arvin Dollosa
3rd 7 Joan Trives John Arvin Dollosa
2nd 4 Monkey Game Made Disaster
Victor 6 John Arvin Dollosa Nobody