Season 1Edit

This Season will be run by a new set of moderators. Joan Trives was given the title of head game maker when Alejandro Reyes decided that he would be unable to continue his role as head game maker. Because of this, he selected a new team to organize the Hunger Games. Szymon Sucharski will be joining him as his co-game maker.

After the success of the original season, the moderators have decided to consider it as Season 0 since there were so many changes in the game's format that happened in mid game. Because of this, the competitors of Season 0 will given the privilage to re-apply for this season and future seasons.

Major twists/changesEdit

  1. There will no longer be a stealth challenge this season. 
  2. This season will make use of "Energy Bars" which can be used to either move spaces on the map or to do survival things like building shelter, hunting for food, gathering water, etc
  3. The climbing challenge in the training days has been removed an has been replaced with swimming.
  4.  Food and water supplies will now be good for 1 day instead of 1 meal.
  5. The tributes are given ear pieces which they can use to communicate with any tribute that isn't in their general location IF both tributes are willing to talk.


Name Picture
Tribute 1dddaddddddddddry PurrySunrayATDManga
Tribute 2 Dakota Normal 1066927
District 2 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Ali 10423487 10152850922258356 469958359 n
Tribute 2 Jamie Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.07.42 PM
District 3 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Jaylen Jaylen (1)
Tribute 2 Fitz Fitzy
District 4 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Jessie Jessie
Tribute 2 Monkey Monkey (8)
District 5 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Caleb Photo
Tribute 2 Tommy Tommy
District 6 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Jo Joazaries
Tribute 2 Mike
District 7 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Nuno Nuno (1)
Tribute 2 Julia Hunger Games
District 8 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Steve Steve
Tribute 2 Kesha KeSha
District 9 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Kaffe Large 1226630
Tribute 2 Kaeghan
District 10 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Sam Image
Tribute 2 Zach C33EBD39-059E-4B7F-B644-C3B390BA86B2
District 11 Name Picture
Tribute 1 spike
Tribute 2 Boo Mangaboo
District 12 Name Picture
Tribute 1 Joe J.t..
Tribute 2 Kitten


Placement District Tribute Killed by
24th 11 Potato Himself
23rd 2 Ali Sam
22nd 8 Kesha Purry
21st 9 Kaeghan Steve
20th 4 Monkey Joe
19th 12 Kitten Dakota
18th 8 Steve Sam
17th 12 Joe Sam
16th 1 Dakota Froze to death
15th 6 Jo Wolf Muttations
14th 6 Mike Berries / Zanna
13th 2 Jamie Tommy
12th 5 Caleb Zach
11th 3 Fitz Zach
10th 4 Jessie Poisonous Fog
9th 10 Zach Wolf Muttations
8th 3 Jaylen Water Muttations
7th 9 Kaffe Tommy
6th 7 Julia Zanna / Water Muttations
5th 11 Zanna Purry
4th 1 Purry Sam
3rd 5 Tommy Sam
2nd 7 Nuno Sam
1st 10 Sam None